Archive: 07/01/2011

A VIP for normal brain development

led by Pierre Gressens, at Inserm U676, Paris, France, and Vincent Lelièvre, at CNRS UPR-3212, Strasbourg, France -- has identified a signaling pathway key for normal brain development in the mouse. Of paramount importance, ...

Jul 01, 2011
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New class of antiangiogenesis drugs identified

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers have discovered the first of an entirely new class of antiangiogenesis drugs – agents that interfere with the development of blood vessels. In a report in Proceedings of ...

Jul 01, 2011
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American snacking habits to blame for obesity: study

(Medical Xpress) -- In a new study published in PLoS Medicine, researchers have shown that it is not only the American habit of “super-sizing” meals that is leading to obesity, but the number of sna ...

Jul 01, 2011
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