Soft Matter

Soft Matter is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original (primary) research and review articles on the generic science underpinning the properties and applications of soft matter. Soft Matter is published 48 times a year by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Liz Davies is the Editor of Soft Matter. Soft Matter was launched in 2005 and has a high impact factor of 4.869 which makes it top of its field. While the journal was initially published as 12 issues a year, as submissions increased, the journal switched in 2009 to 24 issues a year and 48 issues a year in 2012. Soft Matter publishes the following types of articles: Research Papers (original scientific work); Communications (original scientific work that is of an urgent nature); Reviews (critical appraisals of topical areas of research); Highlights (short review articles that single out important new developments and explain the significance of the work) ; Emerging Areas (short accounts of a potentially important and growing new field of research); Tutorial Reviews (an essential introduction to a particular area of soft matter); and Opinions (a personal, often speculative, viewpoint or hypothesis on a topic of current

Impact factor
4.457 (2010)
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