California oversight may be coming to pot shops

(AP)—Law and order may soon be coming to the Wild West of weed.

A California lawmaker has introduced legislation to regulate the state's free-wheeling medical marijuana industry—the farmers that grow the drug, the hundreds of storefront shops that sell it and the doctors who write recommendations allowing its use.

The bill marks a not only because it would provide significant state oversight of the multi-billion dollar industry for the first time, but because it is likely to get serious consideration in Sacramento after years of inaction.

It is the brainchild of the California Police Chiefs Association and the League of California Cities, politically influential groups that have stood in the way of efforts to legitimize pot growers and dispensaries by subjecting them to state control and taxation.

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Mar 09, 2014
I'm all in favor of using the police currently arresting people who smoke and sell pot to make sure that legally dispensed pot is safe and goes where it is supposed to. But if this means adding an Office of Marijuana Oversight, fuggeddaboudit.
Mar 09, 2014
This is an effort by Lou Correa that is very very twisted. Most Doctors are intimidated by the DEA and are in no mood to recommend that their patients use weed to get over their chemo sickness.
I was not a user of weed until I was so sick that water made me green and bounced. The chemo treatments were so bad that you have no idea unless you've been there. Just a few hits and it really took the nausea bearable. It also helped to reduce the pain and use of narcotics for pain relief, it didn't relieve all the pain but it allowed me to take oral meds part time and not resort to using patches which are all the time, use.
It also allowed me to take one small dosage, that didn't knock me out like the drugs they did provide, that did have adverse side effects.
This proposed law would also increase the costs of production, and hence price to consumer and disallow the growing for ones own use for those who have long term needs.
Don't ask cops to bring a sensible end to the drug wars.

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