Grocers sue Vermont over GMO food label law

by Wilson Ring

(AP)—The Grocery Manufacturers Association and other industry groups have challenged a Vermont law that requires the labeling of food made with genetically modified organisms.

The federal lawsuit, filed Thursday in Burlington, had been expected since Gov. Peter Shumlin signed the state's GMO law last month, making Vermont the first in the nation to require the labeling.

The suit wants the law overturned and describes it as "a misguided measure that will set the nation on a path toward a 50-state patchwork of GMO labeling policies."

Maine and Connecticut have GMO labeling laws that haven't yet taken effect. New York is considering a GMO labeling bill.

The federal government has said GMO foods aren't materially different from other food, but critics consider them environmentally suspect and a possible health threat.

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Jun 13, 2014
Put those grocers in jail for doing such a thing against the will of the people. It is high time that these malefactors of great wealth be called to account to crimes against the long suffering people of this nation that they have exploited so long and so viciously and so cruelly with their high prices, outsourcing, low wages, and imports from our enemies.
Jun 13, 2014
Aside from the Grocery Manufacturer's Association, who are these other "industry groups"?

Regarding the GMA, their membership is a who's who list of big companies we're all familiar with. Got this off the Wikipedia article
which references a dead link on GMA's own site. In a brief excursion to the GMA site, I couldn't in fact find any public disclosure of who are their members. Why the reticence?

I wish Vermont luck. I doubt the GMA is doing this in my best interest as a consumer. If they argue for instance cost [of changing labels], I'd counter "how much are you willing to spend on these per-state law suits?"
Jun 13, 2014
IF GMOs are SO safe, then why are Monsanto Corps and Dow Chemical willing to spend MEGA MILLIONS to keep YOU from having the right to know if GMOs are in your food?!?
Jun 14, 2014
Personally, I am not particularly upset about GMOs. I take them on a case by case basis whether they are dangerous, or useful, or not. But I think transparency and honesty is mandatory. Foods and other products have to be labeled so people can make up their own minds.

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