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When to start (and not stop) resuscitation efforts

One of the most difficult moments faced by anaesthetists and other healthcare staff is when to carry on attempts to resuscitate a person, and when those efforts should reasonably stop. This dilemma is the subject of a session ...

Jun 02, 2013
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Many boomers avoid living wills, say they're young

(AP) -- Many baby boomers don't have end-of-life legal documents such as a living will - and some say it's because they feel healthy and young in their middle-age years and don't need to dwell on death.

Nov 16, 2011
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Palliative care resource helps ease changes

An interactive toolkit created by a team from the University of Alberta helps palliative care patients and their care providers to deal with the physical, emotional and relationship changes that come with terminal and chronic ...

May 08, 2012
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