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Health status of migrant workers in Canada

International migrant workers entering Canada generally arrive healthy but their low-skilled occupations may put them at risk of health issues and they may face barriers to health care, states an analysis in CMAJ (Canadian ...

Apr 18, 2011
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Researcher challenges myth of elderly independence

(Medical Xpress) -- Forty percent of San Franciscans over the age of 75 live alone and nearly one third of them live in poverty. "Luke," age 76, is one of them, living in an single-room-occupancy (SRO) hotel in the Tenderloin ...

Jun 15, 2011
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Venezuelans line up to switch PIP breast implants

(AP) -- The office of plastic surgeon Ignacio Sousa is so packed that women are lined up outside the door. College students in their 20s, housewives in their 40s, middle-class office workers: nearly all are fearful that ...

Jan 31, 2012
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