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The Annals of Pharmacotherapy is an independent, peer-reviewed medical journal that advances pharmacotherapy throughout the world by publishing evidence-based articles on practice, research, and education. The Annals provides an independent forum for the discussion and analysis of professional issues in pharmacotherapy. It is the primary journal published by Harvey Whitney Books Company. The journal was founded in 1967, and was originally named Drug Intelligence. The name changed a few times during its history, Drug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy (DICP) in 1969, DICP-The Annals of Pharmacotherapy in 1989, finally evolving into The Annals of Pharmacotherapy in 1992. In 2009 its impact factor increased to 2.453.

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New statement released by anticoagulation forum

(HealthDay)—The Anticoagulation Forum has endorsed a new consensus statement aimed at optimizing the delivery of anticoagulation therapy to inpatients; the statement has been published in the May issue of the Annals of ...


New blood-thinner measures may cut medication errors

Blood thinners are the preferred treatment option to prevent heart attacks, blood clots and stroke, but they are not without risk, and not just because of their side effects. These high-risk drugs, known as anticoagulants, ...

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