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Imaging software could speed up breast cancer diagnosis

New software could speed up breast cancer diagnosis with 90% accuracy without the need for a specialist, according to research published in the open access journal Breast Cancer Research. This could improve breast cancer ...

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Researchers target protein to stop spread of aggressive tumours

A side-by-side comparison of lung metastases showing the control antibody on the left and the podocalyxin antibody on the right. Researchers developed the podocalyxin antibody and found that it slowed tumour growth and spread.

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Dietary dioxins not associated with increased breast cancer risk

Estimated exposure to dioxins through dietary intake is not associated with an increased risk of developing a breast cancer among low exposed women, according to a large cohort study published in open access journal Breast ...

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Team develops prognostic test for E2F4 in breast cancer

By looking at the expression levels of downstream genes of the regulators in breast cancer, investigators at Dartmouth Hitchcock's Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC), led by Chao Cheng, PhD, have identified a gene signature ...

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Circulating tumor cells provide genomic snapshot of breast cancer

The genetic fingerprint of a metastatic cancer is constantly changing, which means that the therapy that may have stopped a patient's cancer growth today, won't necessarily work tomorrow. Although doctors can continue to ...

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