Canadian Journal of Public Health

The Canadian Journal of Public Health (CJPH) is the official organ of the Canadian Public Health Association. It is distributed on a bi-monthly basis exclusively to paid subscribers and to the Association membership. The Canadian Journal of Public Health is a professional journal which carries a wide variety of in-depth articles on all aspects of public health, including epidemiology, nutrition, family health, environmental health, sexually transmitted diseases, gerontology, behavioural medicine, rural health, health promotion and public health policy. The editorial is peer reviewed, and the editorial board is made up of public health experts from across Canada.

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Young adult smokers—a hidden demographic

In their many efforts since the 1990s to prevent Canadians from taking up smoking, governments have had a big blind spot: young adults. That's the finding of new research published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health ...

May 02, 2017
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