Frontiers in Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology is a specialty section of Frontiers in Pediatrics and Frontiers in Psychology. The section is dedicated to publishing new theoretical, experimental, methodological and applied research on the development of human thought and behavior. Developmental Psychology is unique in its breadth of content – it bridges applied and basic research – and investigates the clinical, cognitive, perceptual, sensory, social, moral, practical, educational, biological, genetic and neural aspects of human development. Increasingly, the most groundbreaking research in developmental psychology draws connections between these content fields, creating new disciplines such as developmental cognitive neuroscience and developmental social cognition. This collaborative work has led to exciting theoretical and methodological advances, producing significant insights into the mechanisms of developmental change. Thus, this section actively encourages both focused and cross-content work. Contributions to Developmental Psychology may make use of any available scientific method, including laboratory experiments, naturalistic observations, clinical interviews, case studies, modeling, brain imaging and electrophysiology. Developmental Psychology regularly publishes Special Topics devoted to new or rapidly progressing research topics or areas. Articles will be selected on the basis of their scientific quality and degree of theoretical and/or empirical innovation.


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Psychology & Psychiatry

Reading to toddlers before naps significantly enhances learning

(Medical Xpress)—A connection between sleep and learning has already been identified as beneficial for adults and older children. Now Sussex psychologists Dr Jessica Horst and PhD candidate Sophie Williams have shown that ...