Fiber fermentation by-product may help prevent weight gain

(HealthDay)—Propionate, a fatty acid created when fiber ferments in the colon, appears to prevent weight gain and trim fat around the waist, according to research published online Dec. 10 in Gut. However, the chemical compound ...


Botox for stomach cancer? No, but the research is fascinating

Amid continuing tales of global woe, Thursday morning's news carried one of those quirky 'fancy-that!' medical research stories that often captures the imagination, but which can inadvertently raise false hope in patients.

Medical research

Growing human GI cells may lead to personalized treatments

(Medical Xpress)—A method of growing human cells from tissue removed from a patient's gastrointestinal (GI) tract eventually may help scientists develop tailor-made therapies for inflammatory bowel disease and other GI ...


Exercise boosts diversity of gut bacteria

Exercise boosts the diversity of the bacteria found in the gut, indicates the first study of its kind published online in the journal Gut.


Marker polyps do not cause cancer

Although serrated polyps usually are associated with colorectal cancer, it turns out that such polyps are themselves not dangerous, according to a Norwegian study released this week in BMJ Gut.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

IBS and bloating: When the gut microbiota gets out of balance

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) belongs to the most widespread diseases in Western countries, causing up to sixty per cent of the workload of gastrointestinal physicians. One of the most frequent symptoms of IBS is bloating, ...

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