Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

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Family matters in autism outcomes

Cognition is influenced by siblings, researchers find. Autistic children with autistic siblings have better cognition than those who are the only family member with the condition, researchers have found. Importantly, the ...

Autism spectrum disorders

Children with autism benefit from theater-based program

Children with autism who participated in a 10-week, 40-hour, theatre-based program showed significant differences in social ability compared to a group of children with autism who did not participate, according to a Vanderbilt ...

Autism spectrum disorders

Predicting happiness of couples raising children with autism

Parenting can be stressful and parenting children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often means facing more challenges than those experienced by parents of typically developing children. The pressure can take its toll on ...

Autism spectrum disorders

Job services lacking for young people with autism

As autism becomes more prevalent, the need grows for services that help young people with the disorder to find and keep jobs, indicates new research led by Michigan State University education scholars.

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