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Psychology & Psychiatry

The science of stereotyping: Challenging the validity of 'gaydar'

"Gaydar"—the purported ability to infer whether people are gay or straight based on their appearance—seemed to get a scientific boost from a 2008 study that concluded people could accurately guess someone's sexual orientation ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Keeping the spark alive in long-term relationships

It's a well-known fact that sexual desire ebbs and flows throughout the life of a long-term relationship for a number of reasons. Questions like "What factors increase and decrease desire?" and "How can couples work through ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Strong sense of self? You're more open to casual sex

From what we pick from the menu to what gadget we buy, how we see ourselves influences many of our daily choices. But could sense of self also sway how quickly we'll jump into bed with someone?

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