Conjoined N.D. twins' condition upgraded

Former conjoined twins Abbigail and Isabelle Carlsen of Fargo, N.D., were upgraded to serious condition Monday, officials at the Mayo Clinic said.

Surgeons at the Rochester, Minn., clinic on Friday separated the 5-month-old twins, who shared a liver and parts of their digestive systems. The pair had been connected at the chest and abdomen.

The Carlsen twins had been hospitalized since February, allowing anatomical studies and preparation for the separation surgery.

"As the care team continues to closely monitor their progress, the girls are right on course as expected and hoped, with tests showing continued healing," Mayo Clinic said in a statement.

Parents Jesse and Amy Carlsen thanked the public for their prayers and support and praised the Mayo Clinic team.

"It's amazing how our girls have touched so many people's lives," the parents said in a statement.

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