Residents sue over dust from old dump site

Residents of a south Florida community are suing a commercial developer over alleged toxic dust from a former dumping site.

Almost 100 Dania Beach, Fla., residents allege toxic dust from construction of the Dania Distribution Centre has made them sick, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Wednesday. They are suing developer Lauris Boulanger Inc., the warehouse and the warehouse condominium association.

The plaintiffs, which include former construction workers and nearby residents, allege the dust has caused breathing difficulties, skin rashes, itchy eyes and nosebleeds.

The 15 acre site was once a golf course but then became a dumping site for mattresses, trash and medical waste, a plaintiff told the newspaper. It was developed into a warehouse several years ago.

An attorney for the residents said an environmental soil conducted before construction found traces of nickel, ammonia, lead, gasoline and diesel fuel.

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