Painkiller recalled in Britain after suspected sabotage

The makers of painkiller Nurofen Plus have recalled the tablets in Britain after anti-psychotic and epilepsy drugs were found to have been placed in packets in acts of suspected sabotage.

"Nurofen Plus is being recalled," said a statement on Friday from manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser.

"Consumers are being asked to return packs of Nurofen Plus to their nearest pharmacy following five reported cases of other manufacturer's medicines being found in boxes."

It added: " is suspected and we are working with the police on a formal investigation to find the person or persons responsible."

Distribution and manufacture of Nurofen Plus had also been halted while investigations take place, said the company.

There had been no serious for consumers but the manufacturer said it did not want to take any risks when it came to the safety of its products.

There are around 250,000 packets of Nurofen Plus currently in British customers' hands, the company added.

Police in London, where four of the affected packets were found, confirmed they were investigating.

The decision came after Britain's medicines watchdog issued a warning that some packs of Nurofen Plus contained Seroquel XL, an anti-psychotic drug used to treat , mania and bipolar depression.

The drug was found in four packets in London and two people had accidentally taken the drug but are both well, said the company.

People who take it may experience sleepiness and are advised not to drive or operate any tools or machinery until they know how the tablets have affected them.

Meanwhile the drug was found in one packet of Nurofen Plus, but no one was thought to have accidentally taken the drug, which can cause dizziness.

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