Rare subset of diseases involving the lymphatic system

Rare subset of diseases involving the lymphatic system
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A clinically challenging and under-studied subset of diseases affecting the lymphatic system and grouped under the disease spectrum lymphangiomatosis and Gorham's disease is the focus of a special issue of Lymphatic Research and Biology.

Guest Editor, and Journal Associate Editor Francine Blei MD, MBA, St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, NY, has compiled a collection of articles that highlight the complex characteristics of these diseases, which can be localized, affect multiple sites, or be systemic, may be congenital or acquired, and may cause symptoms that range from mild to severe to life-threatening. The articles focus on current knowledge, ongoing research, and how these diseases differ from other lymphatic disorders.

"This disease spectrum affects a patient population that is small in number, but the effects of the disease(s) are devastating," says Stanley G. Rockson, MD, Editor-in-Chief of Lymphatic Research and Biology and Allan and Tina Neill Professor of Lymphatic Research and Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA. The collection of articles in this special issue, "highlights the current state of knowledge (and ignorance) in this paradoxically neglected area of lymphatic health and disease."

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