Doctors promoting transparency with patients

Doctors promoting transparency with patients

(HealthDay)—Efforts to increase transparency among doctors are underway, according to an article published in The Boston Globe.

In an effort to increase transparency, Leana Wen, M.D., created a new website where she disclosed how she earns her paycheck as well as other and views. Only 30 physicians have posted profiles on the site, but some do so to start conversations with patients.

According to The Boston Globe, more than 300 have signed a transparency manifesto on the site, which states that a patient's informed consent can't be given unless doctors disclose how their financial incentives align with treatment recommendations. The manifesto also promotes the patient's right to know their doctor's views on issues such as , integrative medicine, and shared decision-making.

"Disclosure about financial conflicts is one thing, but trying to put into words a physician's philosophy on medical care is more complicated," said Joshua Kosowsky, M.D., from Brigham and Women's Hospital, The Boston Globe reported. "Feelings about rational care to curb unnecessary medical costs and end of life issues are important principles that doctors should be discussing with their patients."

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