(HealthDay)—The American Medical Association (AMA) Code of Ethics and other articles provide guidance for physicians in relation to public health emergencies, according to a report from the AMA.

The AMA Code of Ethics, along with a series of articles written by physicians, provides guidance on ethical considerations that the should address relating to public health and . The Code offers advice on physicians' obligations in epidemics and during public health emergencies, and suggests that physicians should take advance measures to ensure their preparedness.

In addition to the Code, the physician-authored articles address issues such as encouraging responsibility in public health emergencies; physicians' responsibilities in epidemics; guidance for physicians about their obligations in an epidemic and with respect to conflicting duties; duty to treat versus personal safety; and rationing vaccines during of .

The Code states that physicians "should take appropriate advance measures to ensure their ability to provide medical service at the time of disasters, including keeping current on relevant knowledge and skills."

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