Magnesium cuts diabetes risk

October 20, 2014
Magnesium Cuts Diabetes Risk
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Getting enough magnesium in the diet may reduce the risk of diabetes, especially for those who already show signs of heading that way.

A Tufts study led by Adela Hruby, N10, MPH10, N13, found that with the highest magnesium intake were 37 percent less likely to develop or excess circulating insulin, common precursors to diabetes.

Among people who already had those conditions, those who consumed the most magnesium were 32 percent less likely to develop diabetes than those consuming the least.

The second association held true even when researchers accounted for other healthful factors, such as fiber, that often go along with magnesium-rich foods.

The study, published in Diabetes Care, followed 2,582 participants in the Framingham Heart Study Offspring cohort for seven years. The study subjects had an average age of 54.

Only half of Americans get the recommended daily amount of magnesium in their diet, which is 400 to 420 milligrams for adult men and 310 to 320 milligrams for adult women. You can find it in whole grains, vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds and .

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not rated yet Oct 20, 2014
Every day there's some announcement about something that may help prevent diabetes, with no mention of whether there is any benefit to those who already have it. One does not necessarily follow the other...
not rated yet Oct 21, 2014
Given the prevalence of certain chronic diseases, and the lack of progress in finding cures/preventions, I wonder if it isn't time to consider new paradigms of chronic health problems.
not rated yet Oct 23, 2014

Tesco's do bags of Spinach for about a quid. Almonds are also a good magnesium source. And pistachios have recently been shown to reduce the symptoms of onset diabetes. I regularly eat all three... also jogging 5 miles most nights. Only thing that really gets the weight off though is carb cutting, but it saps all my mental and physical energy, gives me worrying chest pains right across my heart... and if i go running i hit the wall at 4 miles.. horrible. So i think i'll just keep eating my spinach and pistachios, for now...

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