Article highlights top management challenges for 2015

Article highlights top management challenges for 2015

(HealthDay)—Considerable challenges are projected to impact practice management in 2015, according to an article published in Medical Economics.

Among the challenges that physicians are likely to face in 2015, the authors describe the six issues relating to practice management.

According to the report, administrative burdens represent a considerable challenge, contributing to a reduction in physicians' on-the-job happiness; prior authorizations represent a major source of the administrative burden. Issues related to independence versus employment present a second challenge, with the benefits of being employed becoming less attractive after the expiration of the initial contract for some physicians. There is an increasing trend toward payers influencing patient care, with an increased number of audits tied to meaningful use and other programs and the burden of prior authorizations.

Other management challenges include patients dictating health care, reflecting the balance between the desire to practice quality medicine with the need to obtain positive feedback from patients. Staff retention is a growing issue, with the need to maintain staff critical in the era of value-based payment models and increased emphasis on team-based medicine. Finally, the Affordable Care Act could be contributing to increased , which could lead to practicing more defensive medicine.

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