High-value research of 2014 presented for endocrinology

High-value research of 2014 presented for endocrinology

(HealthDay)—Articles relating to diabetes and obesity, lipid management, bone metabolism, adrenal disorders, and thyroid disorders are included in a special endocrinology update summary published online April 30 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Jennifer B. Green, M.D., from the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C., summarized studies published in 2014 that are highly relevant to the practice of endocrinology.

Green summarized eight articles that advanced understanding of an endocrine-related condition. Publications that were relevant to diabetes and obesity included discussion of a new lifestyle option for , while other research identified drug combinations that increase hypoglycemia risk and examined the role of bariatric surgery in diabetes remission and prevention of complications linked to diabetes. Results from the HPS2-THRIVE trial were included; the trial examined the safety and efficacy of adding extended-release niacin to statin therapy for secondary prevention of cardiovascular events. Two reviews were included, one on the utility of vitamin D supplementation and another on pharmacological therapies in prevention of osteoporotic fracture. An analysis of corticosteroid use in patients with septic shock should prompt further study, while questions were raised in relation to current management strategies for based on analysis of population data on thyroid cancer.

"This update summarizes eight articles published in 2014 that significantly advanced our understanding of an endocrine-related condition," Green writes.

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High-value research of 2014 presented for internal medicine

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