Medical students want to focus learning on preparing for future

Medical students want to focus learning on preparing for future

(HealthDay)—Medical students report wanting to learn more about topics that are not currently being taught, including leadership training, health policy, health economics, and experiential learning, according to a report from the American Medical Association (AMA).

A panel of 10 medical students shared their views at the recent meeting of the AMA's Accelerating Change in Medical Education initiative.

According to the report, the panel identified topics that they considered priorities for future physicians. Leadership training was identified as one such topic; some schools in the AMA's consortium are developing leadership programs. The student panel indicated that they needed to know more about the political and regulatory forces that are affecting health care; Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine has introduced a new systems navigation curriculum which will include . Students also emphasized the need to understand and policy; Mayo Medical School is incorporating aspects of health systems education and economics in its Science of Health Care Delivery program. Students also reported wanting fewer hours in lecture halls and more time learning.

"I believe is what we should move toward in general. Learn because it's necessary, not because it's going to be tested," a fourth-year medical student told the AMA, according to the report.

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