Adoptive immunotherapy may help treat more types of cancer if new approaches are explored

Adoptive immunotherapy may help treat more types of cancer if new approaches are explored
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In a special issue of Immunotherapy, leading experts provide in-depth review of innovative strategies that may further the success of adoptive cell immunotherapy as a cancer treatment. Adoptive cell immunotherapy (ACT) has proven successful in clinical trials against certain types of melanoma and leukemia. The journal reviews new strategies to address the challenges of extending these effects to a wider range of tumor types.

"Adoptive cell therapy is currently one of the most intensely researched strategies within , and in recent years we have seen some truly promising advances in treating certain types of ," said Jonathan Wilkinson, Managing Commissioning Editor. "Because several challenges remain in the application of adoptive cellular therapy to a wider range of solid and hematological cancers, we invited internationally renowned experts to highlight the most important emerging concepts within this field. We hope that these potential strategies that may extend the effects of ACT, and ultimately, improve treatment options for a wider range of tumor types and cancer patients."

ACT is a personalized cancer therapy that involves generating tumor-targeting cultures from tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, and then reintroducing them to the patient. The cells are reintroduced with interleukin-2 and have been shown to lead to tumor regression. The special issue of Immunotherapy covers emerging concepts including the use of pre-clinical models, immune monitoring in ACT, and the latest developments in ACT for specific forms of cancer, including melanoma, glioblastoma and . The issue includes seven review articles and three editorials.

"The early promise of is now coming to fruition, with exciting clinical responses being reported against various cancers," said guest editors Philip Darcy and Paul Neeson. "In this issue, experts in the adoptive field are proposing exciting potential strategies for enhancing the current success of ACT."

Immunotherapy is published monthly and offers the scientific community an interdisciplinary forum, providing them with concise and most recent advances of various aspects of immunotherapeutics to aid navigation of this complex field.

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