Patient, family advisors can play key role in practices

Patient, family advisors can play key role in practices

(HealthDay)—Practices can employ patient and family advisors in order to help them focus on patient-centered care needs, according to a report published by the American Medical Association (AMA).

Patient and family advisors give feedback based on their experience, help improve the and quality of care for those with , and work with the practice team for short- or long-term commitments. The advisors can help ensure the practice is focused on patient-centered care needs rather than assumptions about what patients want. Advisors can also identify things that can be improved from a patient perspective, and share ideas to ensure the best possible and encourage positive experiences.

According to the article, patient and family advisors can share their stories, talking about their own health care experiences, and can review or help create patient materials, which are easier for patients and to use and understand. In addition, advisors can partner with the community to discuss what programs or resources are available or could be offered to patients to help support those with chronic conditions.

"A new AMA resource gives you everything you need to know about recruiting and engaging patient and family advisors in your practice, developed as part of the AMA's Improving Health Outcomes initiative," according to the report.

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