Telephone counseling benefits overweight breast CA survivors

Telephone counseling benefits overweight breast CA survivors

(HealthDay)—Telephone weight-loss counseling is similarly effective to in-person counseling for breast cancer survivors with a body mass index ≥25 kg/m², according to a study published online Nov. 23 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Maura Harrigan, R.D., from Yale University in New Haven, Conn., and colleagues randomized 100 with a ≥25 kg/m² to in-person counseling (33 participants), telephone counseling (34 participants), or usual care (33 participants). Over six months, participants in the in-person and telephone counseling groups received 11 30-minute counseling sessions that focused on reducing caloric intake, increasing physical activity, and behavioral therapy. At baseline and six months, the authors assessed body composition, , diet, and serum biomarkers.

The researchers found that the average six-month weight loss was 6.4 percent for in-person counseling, 5.4 percent for , and 2.0 percent for usual care (P = 0.004, 0.009, and 0.46 comparing in-person with usual care, telephone with usual care, and in-person with telephone, respectively). Women assigned to the combined weight-loss intervention groups had a significant 30 percent decrease in C-reactive protein levels, compared with a 1 percent decrease seen among women in the usual care group (P = 0.05).

"Our findings may help guide the incorporation of weight-loss counseling into breast cancer treatment and care," the authors write.

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