Technology improves clinical trial management and patient experience

The University of Alabama at Birmingham recently integrated a clinical research management system that allows patient consent, data and documents from multiple sites to automatically flow from the the Enroll e-Consenting tablet application by Mytrus into the Velos eResearch interface.

"The interface takes the UAB initiative to use more 'direct-to-participant' methods one step further," said Jeffrey Curtis, M.D., William J. Koopman Professor of Medicine in the UAB Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology. "The integrated solution will serve as a model for other research institutions that want to secure patient engagement while streamlining clinical trial management processes and giving the participant a better enrollment experience."

Mytrus' Enroll platform is used globally to support clinical research trials, disease registries and biosample collection, providing patients and volunteers with a secure method to learn about what their participation will entail. Independent studies have confirmed that Enroll increases participant comprehension of the risks and benefits, their rights and responsibilities, and the key information they need to make an informed decision and provide a regulatory-compliant electronic informed consent.

Velos provides clinical research management solutions and continues to advance technology and bridge the gap between clinical research and point of care. Velos eResearch facilitates communication among different systems and sites for recruitment and study management.

"Even as responses are registered in the Enroll application, data get pulled into Velos eResearch where patients are randomized and assigned to appropriate calendars and treatment arms," said Priti Sahai, M.D., of Velos. "The result is seamless workflow, saving time and reducing the cost of a trial."

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