Risk of certain adverse outcomes up with endoscopy in pregnancy

Risk of certain adverse outcomes up with endoscopy in pregnancy

(HealthDay)—Endoscopy during pregnancy is associated with increased risk of preterm birth or small for gestational age, according to a study published in the February issue of Gastroenterology.

Jonas F. Ludvigsson, M.D., Ph.D., from the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and colleagues conducted a nationwide population-based cohort study linking data from the Swedish Medical Birth Registry and the Swedish Patient Registry. A total of 3,052 pregnancies exposed to endoscopy were identified (2,025 upper endoscopies, 1,109 lower endoscopies, and 58 endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatographies); pregnancy outcomes were compared with 1,589,173 unexposed pregnancies.

The researchers observed a significantly of preterm birth (adjusted relative risk [ARR], 1.54; 95 percent confidence interval [CI], 1.36 to 1.75) or small for (ARR, 1.3; 95 percent CI, 1.07 to 1.57) with exposure to any endoscopy, but no significantly increased risk of congenital malformation (ARR, 1; 95 percent CI, 0.83 to 1.2) or stillbirth (ARR, 1.45; 95 percent CI, 0.87 to 2.4). For women with endoscopy, none of the stillbirths occurred less than two weeks after endoscopy. The ARRs were not dependent on trimester.

"In a nationwide population-based cohort study, we found during pregnancy to be associated with increased risk of or small for gestational age, but not of congenital malformation or stillbirth," the authors write. "However, these risks are small and likely due to intrafamilial factors or disease activity."

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