Mosquito netting is effective for hernia repair in a low-income country

In a study conducted in rural Uganda, use of mosquito mesh reduced the cost of groin hernia repair surgery by more than $120 (nearly €120) compared with a commercial mesh, without sacrificing effectiveness.

Use of a low-cost mesh will be critical for bringing repair, which is the best available method in open groin hernia repair, to countries with .

"Now that we know that high quality hernia can be provided at low cost with high cost effectiveness in a low income setting, it is time to move the agenda forward so that the many millions of people suffering from groin hernia in such settings can benefit," said Dr. Jenny Lofgren, lead author of the British Journal of Surgery article.

"Our contribution to reach that goal will be further research with a strong focus on implementation, surgical safety, training, and task sharing."

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Mosquito netting reduces suffering of groin hernia at a fraction of the cost of surgical mesh

More information: J. Löfgren et al, Cost-effectiveness of groin hernia repair from a randomized clinical trial comparing commerciallow-cost mesh in a low-income country, British Journal of Surgery (2017). DOI: 10.1002/bjs.10483
Journal information: British Journal of Surgery

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