Implementation of a virtual glucose management service (vGMS) was associated with significant improvements in glycemic control among hospitalized patients. The system utilized electronic medical records (EMRs) to review patient insulin/glucose charts and dispatch recommendations for managing patients with hyper- or hypoglycemia. The findings of an observational study are published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Researchers at three University of California San Francisco hospitals automated detection of inpatients with uncontrolled blood with a daily report generated by the EMR. The report was assessed by a diabetes specialist who then remotely reviewed an insulin/glucose chart in the EMR to determine the appropriate management strategy. Rather than relying on manually contacting clinical teams individually, the recommendations were conveyed in a new diabetes management note on the patient's EMR. Use of the vGMS was associated with a sustained 39 percent decrease in the daily number of inpatients with hyperglycemia and a simultaneous decrease in the number of patients with hypoglycemia. The researchers also saw an increase in the proportion of inpatients with at-goal glucose levels.

According to the authors, an inpatient vGMS is a potentially scalable model that harnesses automated glucose screening and expedited clinical review to enhance the management of patients with diabetes.