Heart failure is as 'malignant' as some common cancers

Human heart. Credit: copyright American Heart Association

A new analysis finds that, despite advances in care, men and women with a diagnosis of heart failure continue to have worse survival rates than patients with certain common cancers.

The study included 56,658 adults in Scotland who were receiving care in a primary care setting, with a total of 147,938 person-years of follow-up. In men, was linked with worse survival than prostate cancer and bladder cancer, but better survival than and colorectal cancer. In women, heart failure was linked with worse survival than breast cancer and , but better survival than lung cancer and ovarian cancer.

"Our study shows that despite advances in the treatment of heart failure with newer drugs and devices, mortality rates for patients with heart failure remain significant and a major public health problem. Heart failure remains as malignant as many of the common cancers," said Dr. Mamas Mamas, lead author of the European Journal of Heart Failure study.

More information: Mamas A. Mamas et al, Do patients have worse outcomes in heart failure than in cancer? A primary care-based cohort study with 10-year follow-up in Scotland, European Journal of Heart Failure (2017). DOI: 10.1002/ejhf.822

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