Memocate offers new tools to care for memory-disorder patients

Memocate offers new tools to care for memory-disorder patients
Camilla Lindholm and Heikki Viitanen. Credit: Mika Federley

A startup based on University of Helsinki research offers solutions for the interaction problems that arise from memory disorders.

Memory disorders have become population-level problems in the developed world. As the population ages, the number of -disorder increases. Memory cause communication problems which make it difficult to produce and understand speech.

Memocate was created as a solution to this problem. It offers digitally supported services to improve interaction: online materials, consultation and training. Currently, the services are intended for professionals working with memory disorder patients. In the future, it will produce services for family caregivers and educational institutions.

Successful communication is rehabilitation

As a person with a memory disorder may be unable to verbally express their feelings and thoughts, the lack of effective means of expression may result in challenging behaviour.

"A simple example would be that persons with a memory disorder may not realise they are being addressed if the nurse does not stop to speak with them. This results in misunderstandings and frustration. This is one example of the kind of issues our training and material focuses on," explains Professor Camilla Lindholm, one of the founders of the company.

The right kind of interaction with a memory disorder patient has been proven to be an effective form of drug-free rehabilitation which prevents challenging behaviour and makes the daily lives of both the patients and the people they interact with easier.

Become a partner

Memocate is already cooperating with several municipalities and .

"At the moment we are looking for nursing homes or companies that provide services for memory-disorder patients to join our product development," explains the other founder, CEO Heikki Viitanen.

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