Parental sexual orientation and children's psychological well-being

In a Child Development study of 21,103 children aged 4-17 years, those with lesbian and gay parents did not differ from children of heterosexual parents in terms of emotional and mental health difficulties, as assessed on parental questionnaires.

Children of bisexual appeared to have greater difficulties, but this difference disappeared after taking into account markers of greater minority stress among bisexual parents.

"As lesbian, gay, and bisexual parented families become more visible, the findings bolster previous studies revealing that raised in these families have comparable psychological well-being compared with children raised by ," said lead author Dr. Jerel Calzo, of the San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health.

"In addition, the results indicate the need for continued investment in strategies to prevent sexual orientation-based discrimination and to support sexual minority parents who may experience minority stress."

More information: Child Development (2017). DOI: 10.1111/cdev.12989

Journal information: Child Development
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