Can cruise vacations contribute to well-being?

A new International Journal of Tourism Research study indicates that cruise vacations are not only for fun but can also be beneficial for individuals' happiness and well-being.

The study identified three dimensions of cruise experience: emotional experience, relational experience, and thinking experience. In the short term, happiness from cruise travel is created mainly through emotional and relational . Conversely, the long-term perceived happiness of cruising is largely derived from thinking experience.

When considering , relaxing and simply ''doing nothing'' is of great importance for many vacationers. The relational experience dimension refers to the social interactions with family, friends, staff, and other vacationers on a cruise. Thinking experience consists of the opportunities that people can experience different places and cultures and broaden horizons, as well as contemplative activities that involve introspection and meditation.

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More information: International Journal of Tourism Research DOI: 10.1002/jtr.2175
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