New tool aids patients in selecting a transplant center

New tool aids patients in selecting a transplant center
Not all centers have the same criteria for candidates and donors. Waiting times and other factors can also vary. The purpose of the website is to provide information to organ transplant candidates about their alternatives when choosing transplant centers. Credit: ©Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute

A new website developed by researchers at Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute (HHRI) and the University of Minnesota (UMN) is making it easier for organ transplant candidates to choose which transplant center is right for them.

The website,, was developed for candidates seeking kidney, liver, heart and . Data for liver centers is currently live. Data for other organs will soon be available.

"In order for patients to join a for an they must complete an evaluation at a . Different transplant centers have different criteria for candidates. For example, some centers are more likely to accept an older candidate. They also have different waiting times and outcomes," said first author Cory Schaffhausen, Ph.D. "Patients can use the website to see how many at any US center have characteristics like themselves."

This personalized decision guide uses information about the patient's donor type and medical profile to match factors important to the individual. It uses data from the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, a national transplant registry operated by HHRI under contract from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Schaffhausen recently published an article about the new tool entitled "Tool to Aid Patients in Selecting a Liver Transplant Center," in the March issue of Liver Transplantation journal. This article is featured on the front cover of the journal. The Principal Investigator and senior author on the project is Ajay Israni, MD, MS and other researchers and co-author include Warren McKinney, Ph.D. at HHRI. The HHRI team is also working with multiple collaborators at UMN.

More information: Cory R. Schaffhausen et al, Tool to Aid Patients in Selecting a Liver Transplant Center, Liver Transplantation (2020). DOI: 10.1002/lt.25715

Journal information: Liver Transplantation

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