Updated figures on the number of infected with coronavirus in Norway

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So far, 15 people have tested positive for COVID-19 infection in Norway. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) has clarified advice to health professionals who have been in areas with widespread infection.

Seven people had tested positive for COVID-19 infection in Norway before today, and another eight have tested positive on 29 February, including four new confirmed cases in Bergen. Three of the 15 cases work at Oslo University Hospital. The NIPH is assisting Oslo University Hospital with contact tracing.

The NIPH is aware of the route of infection for all 15 cases in Norway. All can be traced to outbreaks of COVID-19 abroad.

Clarification of advice to healthcare professionals

The NIPH has also today clarified advice for returning from an area with widespread transmission.

"As always, employees should not go to work when they are ill and they should follow general infection control routines to protect their patients from infection," says Geir Bukholm, Executive Director at the NIPH.

Vigilance among healthcare professionals and healthcare services

Healthcare professionals should contact the infection control officer at their workplace after returning from an outbreak area in order to receive personal guidance and a risk assessment for their work (travel location, work tasks, patient groups). In general, healthcare professionals employees who feel healthy can and should work.

"Employees must be particularly vigilant about fever, cough and other . They must report to their closest manager at the and should go home and stay home. If the symptoms worsen with the development of fever, cough or breathing difficulties, they should call a GP or emergency out-of-hours clinic for an appointment to be tested," says Bukholm.

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