Probiotics may help treat acne

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Acne is caused by chronic inflammation and is often treated with antibiotics. A recent analysis published in Dermatologic Therapy indicates that probiotics may be an effective alternative.

The analysis examined the results of all relevant published studies on the use of probiotics in creams or oral medications for treating acne. The results suggest that probiotics may help augment the skin's natural defenses against acne.

"Further research is recommended that looks into the long-term effects of probiotics on acne lesions given the short-term type of studies cited," said senior author Masoumeh Mohamadi, MD, of Rasoul Akram Hospital, in Iran.

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More information: Azadeh Goodarzi et al, The potential of probiotics for treating acne vulgaris: A review of literature on acne and microbiota, Dermatologic Therapy (2020). DOI: 10.1111/dth.13279
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