Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Kosovo's government on Monday re-imposed nightly curfews in the capital Pristina and three other towns in a bid to curb an increase of coronavirus infections in the Balkan nation.

The country of 1.8 million people has registered around 3,500 known infections and 75 deaths from the respiratory disease.

"Any movement of people outside their homes is banned" due to the curfew introduced in towns with the highest number of infections, a government statement said.

People will not be allowed to go outside between 9:00 pm to 5:00 am next day, it said.

Kosovo, whose poorly equipped healthcare system is unprepared for a major emergency, introduced curfews on the whole territory in March.

The restrictions were lifted in early June.

The government on Monday also ordered public and to temporarily cut the number of employees "only to the level of necessary staff".

Restaurants and bars throughout Kosovo will have to close early and limit their services to terraces and other open-air spaces only.

"We are doing our best to manage the situation," Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti told reporters.

The said he would not hesitate to declare a state of emergency if health experts suggest the move.

Since early June, the Balkan countries have a higher rate of infections, with up to more than 300 daily in Serbia.