Researchers analyze studies of interventions to prevent violence against children

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Numerous studies have examined interventions aimed at preventing violence against children. A recent analysis reveals various gaps not adequately addressed by these studies.

The analysis, published in Campbell Systematic Reviews, points to the need for more quantitative and qualitative research to assess the effectiveness of interventions to combat violence against children, with attention to expand studies to different regions of the world and to analyze interventions targeting specific forms of violence.

"Sharing and discussing these findings with and other key actors is necessary for a coordinated approach to filling knowledge gaps and ensuring research has a real impact. Regular updating of such maps will help to maintain a global overview of gaps and tell us how well the prevention field is doing to strengthen evidence-informed strategies," said corresponding author Ramya Subrahmanian, Ph.D., of UNICEF-Innocenti.

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More information: Prachi Pundir et al, Interventions for reducing violence against children in low‐ and middle‐income countries: An evidence and gap map, Campbell Systematic Reviews (2020). DOI: 10.1002/cl2.1120
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