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A recent analysis of published studies estimates that one-quarter of adults with breast cancer have cognitive impairment before starting therapy. The analysis, which is published in Psycho-Oncology, also found that many patients' cognitive function declines after receiving chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, and/or hormone therapy for breast cancer.

"Our results suggest that cancer-related and personal factors may make a significant contribution to cognitive functioning," said lead author Aicha Dijkshoorn, of the University Medical Center Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

The authors noted that the findings from different studies were quite diverse, and some even reported cognitive improvements in patients after treatment. They stressed the importance of evaluating and addressing cognitive function, ideally over time, in patients with .

World Cancer Day is February 4th.

More information: Psycho-Oncology (2021). DOI: 10.1002/pon.5623

Journal information: Psycho-Oncology

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