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The neurons that help to distinguish between very similar odors

Order wine at a fancy restaurant, and the sommelier might describe its aroma as having notes of citrus, tropical fruit, or flowers. Yet, when you take a whiff, it might just smell like … wine. How can wine connoisseurs ...

Oncology & Cancer

New antibody could target breast cancers

An enzyme that may help some breast cancers spread can be stopped with an antibody created in the lab of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Professor Nicholas Tonks. With further development, the antibody might offer an effective ...

Medical research

Bat genes found to be key against COVID, cancer

Bats have acquired remarkable traits throughout their evolution. They're the only mammals that can fly, and they live much longer than other animals their size. But perhaps most impressive is their robust immune system. It ...

Oncology & Cancer

How popular steroids could interfere with some cancer treatments

Immunotherapy is among the newest and most potent weapons against cancer. It prompts the immune system to recognize tumors as intruders in the body and attack. But not all patients respond well to immunotherapy. Why? Scientists ...

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