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Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Using statistical methods to predict the course of disease

Data contains much more than just the information on the surface. With statistics, deeper cause-and-effect relationships can be brought to light. This is what Alexander Marx is researching as a Fellow at the ETH AI Center ...


Enhancing deep sleep through auditory brain stimulation

Many people, especially the elderly, suffer from abnormal sleep. In particular, the deep sleep phases become shorter and shallower with age. Deep sleep is important for the regeneration of the brain and memory, and also has ...

Medical research

Ubiquitous nutrients suppress appetite and promote movement

In experiments on mice, researchers at ETH Zurich show that non-essential amino acids act as appetite suppressants and promote the urge to move. Their research is published in Current Biology and provides insight into the ...

Medical research

Nanobody-drug conjugates hijack the human vitamin B12 uptake route

A major challenge in cancer therapy is selectively targeting cancer cells over healthy ones. A recent study by the Locher group (IMBB) describes the development of camelid single-domain antibodies (nanobodies) that selectively ...

Medical research

The vital need for animal testing

ETH Zurich and the other Swiss universities are committed to reducing the stress and suffering experienced by laboratory animals. However, an outright ban on animal testing—being put to the vote in a popular initiative ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why we feel confident about decisions we make

Buying a second-hand car at a good price feels good. But choosing a delicious-looking doughnut in the supermarket leaves us riddled with doubt. After all, we resolved to eat a healthier diet this year—so wouldn't it be ...

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Artificial intelligence aids effective fitness training

Whether for squats or sit-ups, the software created by the start-up VAY alerts exercisers about incorrect movements via a smartphone screen. Now the ETH spin-off has been acquired by connected fitness equipment manufacturer ...

Biomedical technology

Rapid PCR tests at the touch of a button

ETH researchers Michele Gregorini and Philippe Bechtold have developed a PCR testing device that can easily be used outside the lab—and that takes less than 30 minutes to deliver results. Now the two young entrepreneurs ...

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