European College of Neuropsychopharmacology

It is the objective of the ECNP to stimulate high-quality experimental and clinical research in neuropsychopharmacology, with special emphasis on coordinating and promoting the scientific activities and standards between countries in Europe.


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Major study reveals safest way to take Valium and Ativan

More than 60 years after benzodiazepines were introduced, doctors have uncovered the first reliable evidence to confirm the belief that taking these drugs, such as Valium and Ativan, intermittently rather than continuously ...


Teaching expectant mothers to bond with their babies

Up to a third of mothers don't bond well with their babies after birth, causing intense emotional distress to both mother and baby. Now researchers have found that they can train at-risk expectant mothers to recognize and ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Antidepressants versus running for depression: Is there a winner?

The first study to compare effects of antidepressants with running exercises for anxiety, depression and overall health shows that they have about the same benefits for mental health—but a 16-week course of running over ...


Common psychiatric drugs appear to reduce effect of COVID-19

A new meta-analysis shows that psychiatric medications can give some protection against COVID-19, with the common antidepressant fluvoxamine showing the strongest effect. Patients taking fluvoxamine showed reduced symptoms, ...

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