European College of Neuropsychopharmacology

It is the objective of the ECNP to stimulate high-quality experimental and clinical research in neuropsychopharmacology, with special emphasis on coordinating and promoting the scientific activities and standards between countries in Europe.


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Tackling the replication crisis in neuroscience

The European Quality in Preclinical Data (EQIPD) consortium has announced the official finalization of the EQIPD Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Depression history written in the reactions of the brain

Scientists have found that the more severely patients have been hit by depression across their lifespan, the less they react emotionally to negative faces during current depression. The researchers are now working to understand ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Depressed adolescents' brains shown to mute distressing information

Scientists have measured brain activity in young people with and without depression, and found that the brains of depressed adolescents give a muted reaction to distressing images. Previous research with depressed adults ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Protein identified that indicates whether memories can be changed

Researchers have discovered that a particular protein can be used as a brain marker to indicate whether emotional memories can be changed or forgotten. This is a study in animals, but the researchers hope that the findings ...


Intestinal drug shown to boost memory and cognition

The development of drugs to treat cognitive problems in patients with mental illness may be a step closer after a team of researchers discovered that an existing drug—used to treat constipation—may be able to boost our ...

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