Hiroshima University

Hiroshima University (広島大学, Hiroshima Daigaku), located in the Japanese cities of Higashihiroshima and Hiroshima, was established 1949 by the merger of a number of national educational institutions. Under the National School Establishment Law, Hiroshima University was established on May 31, 1949. After World War II, the school system in Japan was entirely reformed and each of the institutions of higher education under the pre-war system was reorganized. As a general rule, one national university was established in each prefecture, and Hiroshima University became a national university under the new system by combining the various pre-war higher educational institutions in Hiroshima Prefecture. The new university combined eight component institutions: Hiroshima University of Literature and Science, Hiroshima School of Secondary Education, Hiroshima School of Education, Hiroshima Women's School of Secondary Education, Hiroshima School of Education for Youth, Hiroshima Higher School, Hiroshima Higher Technical School, and Hiroshima Municipal Higher Technical School. Later in 1953, the Hiroshima Prefectural Medical College was also added to the new Hiroshima University.


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Psychology & Psychiatry

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Oncology & Cancer

Genetic and epigenetic 'origin story' of pediatric liver cancer

Researchers at Hiroshima University have analyzed the molecular findings of almost 160 pediatric liver cancer cases and discovered molecular markers that should help to understand and treat the considerable variation in prognoses.

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