Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal

Founded in 1967, the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal was the first research centre in Québec to bring together fundamental science researchers and clinicians under one roof. Based on this model, which was unique at the time, the IRCM has grown to become one of Canada's leading research centres, with 37 research units organized into five research programs. Located in the heart of Montréal's academic community, the IRCM attracts top researchers. Every year, more than 100 Master's and PhD students, and some 50 postdoctoral fellows pursue their scientific education at the Institut, supervised by experienced researchers in various fields of biomedical research.

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A new target for immuno-oncology therapies

By studying a type of immune cells, a team of researchers at the IRCM led by André Veillette, MD, identified the mechanism of action for a new target for novel immune-oncology treatments. Their discovery is published today ...

Nov 16, 2015
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