Institute of Science and Technology Austria

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) is a new institute dedicated to basic research and graduate education in the natural and mathematical sciences, located in the Vienna Woods.


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Medical research

New stem cell mechanism discovered in the gut

A special layer of cells that coats the insides of the small and large intestines takes in nutrients and water while keeping anything bad from circulating. This layer is called the intestinal epithelium. It completely renews ...


Miniature brain models help our understanding of autism

To better understand the causes of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), it is crucial to look at what is happening in the brain during development. The closest we come to observing human brains this early is by using organoids—miniature ...

Oncology & Cancer

Suppressing the spread of tumors

Why some patients develop metastases and others do not is largely unclear. Researchers around ISTA professor Daria Siekhaus are now contributing to a better understanding of the process in certain types of cancer. They took ...


Defective gene slows down brain cells

Within the European Union alone, about 3 million people are affected by an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Some are only mildly affected and can live independent lives. Others have severe disabilities. What the different ...

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