Mayfield Clinic

The 80-year-old Mayfield Clinic has forged a rich and lasting heritage through technical innovation, research, and a commitment to patient care. Mayfield neurosurgeons are dedicated to serving as principal and co-investigators on clinical trials Although Mayfield and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine ended their 35-year relationship in 2017, Mayfield will continue to pursue research opportunities with collaborating institutions. The Mayfield Surgical Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art training facility for spine and cranial surgery technology and minimally invasive procedures. Located on the second floor of the Mayfield Spine Surgery Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, the Center is a collaboration of the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation, Mayfield Spine Surgery Center, and the Mayfield Clinic. The Center's mission is based on several years of successful education and training events by our seasoned team of conference professionals.


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Chinese urgency on COVID-19 goes missing in jabs drive

Shirley Shi has received three offers to be vaccinated against COVID-19—through her hometown, her Beijing residential area and her office area—but the human resources manager is in no rush.

Earth Sciences

Greenland ice loss may have begun as early as the mid-'80s

The amount of snow falling on Greenland's glaciers may have been less than the water lost through icebergs calving and melting since at least the mid-1980s, a study of almost 40 years of satellite images has revealed.


Three possible futures for global climate scepticism

Climate change skepticism has been present in politics for as long as climate change itself. Part of a wider outlook of environmental skepticism, it encompasses a range of views from outright denial that the world is warming ...