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Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Tiny RNA that should attack coronavirus diminish with age, disease

A group of tiny RNA that should attack the virus causing COVID-19 when it tries to infect the body are diminished with age and chronic health problems, a decrease that likely helps explain why older individuals and those ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Blood filter may calm the cytokine storm of COVID-19

Cytokine storms created by COVID-19 are causing major organ destruction and death, and for the first time in the United States, when patients begin to show signs of trouble, physicians are replacing the usual filter in a ...

Medical research

Lipid helps heal the eye's frontline protection

A species of a lipid that naturally helps skin injuries heal appears to also aid repair of common corneal injuries, even when other conditions, like diabetes, make healing difficult, scientists report.

Medical research

Visceral fat delivers signal to the brain that hurts cognition

Excessive weight around our middle gives our brain's resident immune cells heavy exposure to a signal that turns them against us, setting in motion a crescendo of inflammation that damages cognition, scientists say.

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