National University of Ireland, Galway

University of Galway. Formerly known as National University of Ireland, Galway (aka NUI Galway / NUIG)

University Road, Galway, County Galway, Ireland

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Global research identifies causes of stroke

A global study into causes of stroke has found that one in 11 survivors experienced a period of anger or upset in the hour leading up to it. One in 20 patients had engaged in heavy physical exertion.

Biomedical technology

Researchers discover way to switch on and speed up tendon healing

Researchers at CÚRAM, the SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices based at NUI Galway, have shown how the simple act of walking can power an implantable stimulator device to speed up treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.


New advice for treating high blood pressure

New research led by a professor at NUI Galway is set to change how doctors treat some patients with high blood pressure—a condition that affects more than one in four men and one in five women.

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