Okayama University


Potential drug for treating chronic pain with few side effects

Researchers at Okayama University describe in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the effect of clodronate on the regulation of adenosine triphosphate release and its potential as a drug for the treatment ...


Potential cause of Lafora disease revealed

Researchers at Okayama University report in the journal Matters, a potential third factor in the pathogenesis of Lafora disease. In addition to gene mutations, chemical modification of the enzyme Laforin induced by nitrosative ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Keeping cells in shape to fight sepsis

Boosting levels of a protein that controls the shape and activity of a crucial group of white blood cells improves survival and recovery chances during sepsis.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Self-administered aroma foot massage may reduce symptoms of anxiety

Researchers at Okayama University conduct the first community-based study on the effects of self-administered aromatherapy foot massage on stress and anxiety symptoms. The results suggest aromatherapy massages might provide ...


Sticky molecules to tackle obesity and diabetes

Okayama University researchers report that the over-expression of an adhesion molecule found on the surface of fat cells appears to protect mice from developing obesity and diabetes. The findings, published in the journal ...


Development of low cost oral inactivated vaccines for dysentery

Okayama University researchers, in collaboration with colleagues in India, have developed inactivated vaccines, a promising candidate for the production and commercialization of a low-cost oral dysentery vaccine for use in ...

Medical research

Medical supportive device for hemodialysis catheter puncture

Medical doctors at Okayama University Medical School and Shigei Medical Research Hospital in Okayama City, in collaboration with K.Techno Inc. develop a medical supportive device for hemodialysis catheter puncture.

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